Executive Edge Development Program

Leadership Now:
How to capitalize on the complexity of business

The rapid pace of multiple, simultaneous changes happening in business means leading at the organization level requires different skills and behaviors now than in the past. The constant uncertainty pressures teams, strains operating systems, complicates decision-making, and depletes morale in well-intended companies. Leadership Now helps leaders ensure their skills are on par with the complex challenges they face.

Contemporary leaders who absorb the model and traits of Leadership Now will be better equipped to solve challenges, influence  culture and engagement, and grow their companies. They will stimulate change rather than be caught off guard by it.

This interactive development experience introduces a new leadership model developed by Chief Learning Officers for leaders ready to capitalize on the volatile complexity of business. This is a six-hour highly interactive program designed for organizational leaders. It can be delivered on-site if there is not a session scheduled.

The next open session is December 9, 2019.
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Rely on our Executive Edge to be your strategic leadership development practice
of companies with strategic leadership development programs were able to respond to changing business environments rapidly, compared with just 52% of companies with less mature programs

(Source: Bersin and Center for Creative Leadership)


Executive Coaching

Voyage Consulting Group helps executive and operation/division leaders reach ambitious objectives through relevant coaching based on strategic goals. We use a variety of assessments and processes based on client needs and preferences. We do not have a canned coaching process because we’re experienced ourselves and know those “flavor of the month” types don’t yield big results.

Some reasons executive leaders have engaged our crew for coaching include the following: 
●They aim high and need reinforcement from objective, independent, experienced professionals.
●They are preparing a major company change, or are in the midst of one, and they want confidential and independent coaching.
●They are new in their executive role and need to gain confidence and position themselves accordingly.
●They want to exit the leadership role with grace while honoring their team and entire staff.
●Their team is not bonding, and the dynamics is becoming obvious, causing silos, depleting morale, and jeopardizing performance.

Contact Kelly Byrnes directly to discuss coaching and whether it would be a viable solution for you. (Kelly’s email)