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Company Culture Diagnostic Report

When Boards, investors, executives, and leadership candidates want to know how a company really operates, they rely on our diagnostic practice. Our outside, independent assessment validates what the company leaders observe and identifies what they miss. The company gets a more thorough view without bias, nostalgia, or selfishness.

Obviously, once a company reaches a certain size (i.e. more than 250 people), its CEO and executive team cannot see everything. No reasonable Board or investors would expect them to, but they do expect the C-suite to get the insights to help them make the best decisions for the company. We support their effort with a survey if you don’t have one, site visits, focus groups, and other steps in a process that usually takes two weeks to complete.

Our process is more thorough than most, as it includes qualitative elements in addition to quantitative. A survey just doesn’t cut it for Boards and executives who want insight beyond what people are willing to say.

 (A 17-page Guide to Operational Resilience is available for you on the Resources page.)

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Culture Development and Oversight

Armed with the Culture Diagnostic Report, companies rely on us to help them bring out the best in their people, align them with the company’s purpose, and ensure policies and systems are aligned too. We can help with change management, staff engagement, operational mechanisms, and corporate resilience. Sometimes a CEO just wants some coaching, other times a full plan is requested (for example, if a merger is in the works).

Companies have relied on us for the following results: 
●Prevent diversions of obstacles, competing objectives, or too many initiatives pursued at once.
●Prevent undermining growth caused when capabilities are depleted by extreme streamlining or silos.
●Empower accountability through metrics, operational mechanisms, and governance.
●Ensure practices and policies truly align with the company’s purpose and Board’s intentions, which supports governance and reputation management.

If you know what you need, give us a call to talk about our solutions. If you’re not sure, but you know something is missing, then let’s talk about that too.

Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching

Voyage Consulting Group helps executive and operation/division leaders reach ambitious objectives through relevant coaching based on strategic goals. We use a variety of assessments and processes based on client needs and preferences. We do not have a canned coaching process because we’re experienced ourselves and know those “flavor of the month” types don’t yield results.

Some reasons executive leaders have engaged our crew for coaching include the following: 
●They aim high and need reinforcement from objective, independent, experienced professionals.
●They are preparing a major company change, or are in the midst of one, and they want confidential and independent coaching.
●They are new in their executive role and need to gain confidence and position themselves accordingly.
●They want to exit the leadership role with grace while honoring their team and entire staff.
●Their team is not bonding, and the dynamics is becoming obvious, causing silos, depleting morale, and jeopardizing performance.

Email Kelly Byrnes directly to discuss coaching and whether it would be a viable solution to concerns you have as you lead your organization.