Service #1: Values Alive

65% of C-suite and board members view culture as more important to performance than an organization’s strategy or operating model.* We define culture as the way a company’s values come to life. Our Values Alive™ program helps companies ensure their culture, strategy, and ops plans align with their values.

Values Alive™ is a facilitated experience delivered in three three-hour sessions. It is ideal for founders or operational leaders to use in the early stages of their companies or teams. Build your new company or team on a solid foundation based in your values. Values Alive™ also excellent for leaders who want to nourish key culture elements as your company or team grows.

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Service #2: Culture Evolution

No reasonable Board or investors would expect the C-suite to see it all, but they do expect the C-suite to get the insights to help them make the best decisions for the company’s financial performance and future. We support their effort with Culture Evolution™.

Culture Evolution™ includes Your Culture Brief (YCB), which is based on qualitative (i.e. site visits, focus groups) and quantitative (i.e. surveys, HR metrics) methods. The YCB gives you the data summary and recommendations for evolving your culture so it aligns with your values, strategy, and operations. YCB also enables companies to celebrate their cultures, which most don’t do often enough.

Our outside, independent assessment validates what the company leaders may observe and identifies what they can’t see. The company gets a more thorough view without bias, nostalgia, or selfishness. The alignment and actions you take will build confidence and support for strategic decisions that enable your company or operation to grow.

The Culture Evolution™ journey takes approximately five weeks to complete. Start today by setting up an introductory call right now.

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Service #3: Leadership Development

Leading a company, division, or team requires different skills and traits now than in the past because the rapid pace of multiple, simultaneous changes makes business uncertain. Outdated leadership behaviors lead to business failures, as we see in the news nearly every day. General Electric, Facebook, Subway, and Sears are just a few examples of companies that had leadership problems.

Outdated or inadequate leadership can lead to financial disaster, reputation damage, relationship losses, or company and career failure.

Outdated leadership models lead to outdated leadership behaviors and decisions, so we researched and developed our own model. It’s based on the complex business environment of 2019. Our approach develops modern leaders in a contemporary learning experience.

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