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As of 2016, two books by Kelly are available on Amazon:

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Think Bigger Business Media, May 2017

Renewal Notice
Think Bigger Business Media, January 2017

Are you ready to adjust the sails? 

Leading a business or operation is like sailing in that it is relatively easy to get started but more difficult to go where you want to go. In sailing, the sails go up easily enough but directing them toward your destination takes immense skill. Adjusting them when the winds change requires knowledge and skills acquired over time. The same is true in business. Another commonality is that you can prepare to adjust whether you're steering a ship or a company.  

Voyage Consulting Group is pleased to provide the 17-page Guide to Corporate Operational Resilience so you can prepare for unexpected changes, which means you'll stay on course no matter what happens.

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125 Employee Engagement Practices

A new study released in April 2015 confirmed the rumors: nearly 50% of the 7,200 adults surveyed by Gallup left their jobs "to get away from their manager."

If you don't want to lose good people but you’ve run out of ways to engage with your team, this list can help. Managers in all functional areas who seek to impact motivation and morale incorporate ideas from this list into their daily practices.

In addition to 125 ideas, you receive tips for how to use this list best so you engage in genuine ways that matter to you and your employees.


"A company shouldn't get addicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn't last."
Jeff Bezos
Founder, Chairman and CEO,