See where you really are
Close doesn’t cut it


Companies call Voyage Consulting Group when they need objective insights, fresh solutions, or help identifying hidden success saboteurs. 

Our diagnostics help leaders at the organization level identify opportunities and obstructions which impact their ambitious growth objectives. Once diagnosed, the opportunities can be capitalized on and the obstructions can be minimized. Our Organization Development and Leadership Development models, systems, and programs can help with both so your company can be better positioned to flourish.

Our process works best for leaders intent on growing their organizations but is not ideal for companies satisfied with their current position. If innovative strategies help you hit your growth targets, our innovative solutions might be advantageous to you.

Link your objectives and people
Outdated strategies sabotage growth

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Companies call Voyage Consulting Group when they have identified their barriers and are ready for original solutions to help move their companies forward. 

There's a secret to linking business objectives with human capital initiatives, and we will let you in on it. (Hint: it's way beyond carrots and sticks.) We'll help you resolve or repair issues you've identified, and we will give you the tools to prevent recurrences in the future.

If you have tried traditional approaches to Organization and Leadership Development with minimal performance improvement, call us. We show clients how to gain an advantage over their competitors who still rely on “reengineering" or other outdated models as their Leadership Development and company growth strategies.

Take your organization up a level
Make your competitors jealous


Companies call Voyage Consulting Group when a transformation is imminent. Whether the transformation is caused by new senior leadership, customer changes, market disruption, or a merger or acquisition, we can help.

We help leaders who need to accelerate change with minimal disruption, while they remain focused on leading the company. We would welcome a conversation about the methods and tools our strategic and operation experts make available to help you maximize performance, minimize turbulence, and position your company so growth is inevitable.

“It's very easy to be different but very difficult to be better.”

Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple