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Organization Development:

Culture and Engagement: Fresh insight can enable you to see below the surface and steer you in the right direction for HR-related initiatives that can improve performance. Our Culture Oversight Report can assure your Board and investors that your company operations are aligned with its mission and values, and with the laws.

Change Management: If you are planning a strategic restructuring, managing post-merger integration, or leading ambitious initiatives, our practice could help reduce disruption and build momentum. We can help you reduce the agony (and expense!) of changes.

Operational Mechanism Update: Evaluate your internal social and operational systems to learn whether they meet current business needs. If they are based on needs from long ago, they may not be working effectively any longer. Operating in the dark or the dark ages could be sabotaging results. 

Corporate Resilience: Companies of all sizes can build a tolerance for ups and downs of a turbulent business environment. Our Resilience Framework includes the Operational and Strategic components to help you and your company stay on course and prosper regardless of surprises. (A 17-page Guide to Operational Resilience is available for you on the Resources page.)

Leadership Development

Our LD programs are based on the 5 A’s of Leadership Now. Please click here to learn more about the model and development programs.

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Talent Management & Development:

Talent Management: Plan your talent management strategies around your growth goals. This could include a review and/or update to your organization competencies, structure, or performance management process.

Talent Development: Workforce diversity, automation, globalization, and the gig economy have created a new way people work together; therefore, there’s a new need for skill development. Voyage has 77 modules ready to be customized for your needs, culture, and values.

Some available topics include: inter-generational work teams, presentations, communication, teamwork and collaboration, leading teams, professionalism for our company, and management fundamentals. All of our program fees include customization, real-world application, and management follow-up. You’ll find our programs to be relevant, more interactive than lecture, and contemporary—no stodgy classes from us!

Succession Planning: We can help you create or fine-tune a succession plan for key positions and get the next people ready for future roles.

Leadership Pipeline and Future Leaders: Companies engage Voyage Consulting Group to create and facilitate leadership programs to build their pipeline. The programs and integrated into strategic career management programs so development aligns with personal and company goals; thus, inspiring commitment and building trust with key employees.