Company Culture

Company culture is everything. It’s like the ship, and the values are the rudder which indicates where the ship will go. The captain can shift the gears or wheel, but if the rudder is out of alignment, the ship won’t go where the leader wants it to go. The most powerful action leaders can take is to nourish the company’s culture so it propels the company forward while enjoying the journey. We can help.

Organizational leaders who need the culture to reinforce new strategies, systems, or structures rely on Voyage Consulting Group for the following results: 
●Prevent diversions of obstacles, competing objectives, or too many initiatives pursued at once.
●Prevent undermining growth caused when capabilities are depleted by extreme streamlining or silos.
●Empower accountability through metrics, operational mechanisms, and governance.

Leadership Development (LD)

Leading a company at the organization level (generally director and up or business owner) requires different skills and traits now than in the past because the rapid pace of multiple, simultaneous changes makes business uncertain. Outdated leadership behaviors lead to business failures, as we see in the news nearly every day.

Contemporary and consistent leadership practices ensure all management behaviors match your mission and values, decisions are expeditious, and accountability is expected. Assess your current practices or let us create a comprehensive leadership development plan that supports your long-term goals.

We utilize a variety of models, assessments, and resources with our clients. Our primary leadership development model, 5 A's of Leadership Now, was developed to enable our clients to capitalize on the complex business environment they operate in today. 

Talent Management & Development

We help companies anticipate talent management needs whether they are growing rapidly, preparing for a merger, or streamlining. We can design your strategy based on your goals and Mission, or, if you have an HR team, we can work with them to update existing talent management plans.

Executive Leaders: Executive leaders engage Voyage Consulting Group for coaching for three main reasons: 
●They aim high and need reinforcement from objective, independent, experienced professionals.
●They are preparing a major company change, or are in the midst of one, and they want confidential and independent coaching or guidance.
●They are new in their role and need to gain confidence and earn trust.

Operation/Division Leaders: Voyage Consulting Group helps operation/division leaders reach ambitious objectives through relevant initiatives based on strategic goals and executed with precision.  

Leadership Pipeline and Future Leaders
Exits and growth trigger leadership personnel changes, and healthy companies don’t wait for either to prepare their future leaders.

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“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” 
Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman, President and CEO, IBM