Organization Development (OD)

Organizational leaders who need to plan broad, systemic change in employee behaviors to reinforce new strategies, systems, or structures rely on Voyage Consulting Group for the following OD results: 
●Prevent diversions of obstacles, competing objectives, or too many initiatives pursued at once.
●Prevent undermining growth caused when capabilities are depleted by extreme streamlining.
●Empower disciplined accountability through metrics, operational mechanisms, and governance.

Services Include:
Culture and Engagement: See below the surface using our proprietary assessment of your corporate culture. Your insight can steer you in the right direction for human capital initiatives that can improve performance. It also can help identify and repair gaps in a current engagement practice.

Change Management: If you are planning a strategic restructuring, managing post-merger integration, or leading ambitious initiatives, our practice could help reduce disruption and build momentum. We can help you reduce the agony (and expense!) of changes.

Operational Mechanism Update: Evaluate your internal social and operational systems to learn whether they meet current business needs. If they are based on needs from long ago, they may not be working effectively any longer. Operating in the dark or the dark ages could be sabotaging results. 

Corporate Resilience: Companies of all sizes can build a tolerance for ups and downs of a turbulent business environment. Our Resilience Framework includes the Operational and Strategic components to help you and your company stay on course and prosper regardless of surprises. (A 17-page Guide to Operational Resilience is available for you on the Resources page.)

Organizational Leadership (OL)

Leading a company at the organization level requires different skills and traits now than in the past because the rapid pace of multiple, simultaneous changes makes business uncertain. Outdated leadership behaviors lead to business failures.

Companies reluctant to adapt to the new way of doing business will not be able to keep up with those willing to function differently. From the people to processes to the profit model, companies who make it in the next seven years and beyond will adapt. If you think adapting leadership practices is not important, check out the Fortune 500 roster from 2000. More than half of the companies on it no longer exist.

Our OL services enable your organization to function effectively, thrive, and grow in pursuit of its objectives and Mission.

We utilize a variety of models, assessments, and resources with our clients. Our primary leadership model was developed over the last two years to capture needs of the complex business environment our clients operate in today. 

We share the new 5 A Model of Leadership so organization leaders can resolve challenges, grow their companies, and build sustainable organizations.

Delivery Options Include: 
●Coaching (Individual or Partner)
●Company-wide Cohort Development Programs
●Small Group Development Programs
●Peer Learning
●Planning and Building Learning Organizations

The Voyage Consulting Group style can be described as based on research and real experience, light on lecture, heavy on interaction, delivered via a proactive learning experience.

All custom solutions include blended solutions which incorporate adult learning methods. All are customized around client development needs, and all are guaranteed to deliver as promised.


Leadership Development (LD)

Bring consistency and congruence to current leadership practices so behaviors match your mission and values, decisions are expeditious, and accountability is feasible. Assess your current LD practices or let us create a program that supports your experienced leaders and builds a solid pipeline. 

Executive Leaders: Executive leaders engage Voyage Consulting Group for three main reasons: 
●They aim high and need reinforcement from objective, independent, experienced professionals.
●They are preparing a major company change, or are in the midst of one, and they want confidential guidance.
●They are new in their role and need to gain confidence and experience quickly and privately.

Operation/Division Leaders: Voyage Consulting Group helps operation/division leaders reach ambitious objectives through relevant initiatives selected carefully and executed with precision.  

Services Include: 
●Talent Management: Plan your talent management strategies around your growth goals. This could include a review and/or update to your organization competencies, structure, or performance management process.
●Talent Development: Professional skill development, management development, and succession planning.
●Risk and governance practice installation or update.

Leadership Pipeline and Future Leaders
Exits and growth trigger leadership personnel changes, and healthy companies don’t wait for either to prepare their leaders. Companies engage Voyage Consulting Group to help them:
●Prevent placing strong team players into leadership roles before they are adequately prepared to succeed.
●Develop and retain high-potential individual contributors who may aspire to leadership roles.
●Spread a consistent leadership message, so everyone understand expectations and feels inspired to fulfill the company’s Mission together.

Growth and comfort do not coexist.”

Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman, President and CEO, IBM