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As the economy continues to fluctuate, company leaders searching for a unique competitive advantage to drive company performance rely on Voyage Consulting Group for services which are original, customized, practical, and relevant to their financial performance and goals. 

If you are frustrated with insufficient progress toward goals and need to identify causes and solutions, our diagnostic process can help. If you have diagnosed already and need solutions in the areas of human capital, we can help.

We have supported the planning and integration of mergers, coached CEOs transition into new roles, facilitated culture changes, established employee engagement practices, designed and executed robust Talent Management Plans, designed and delivered comprehensive Leadership Development practices, and more--all geared toward company performance.

If your company has spent enough resources on colorful belts, TQM initiatives, CRM efforts, CYA practices and other stale initiatives, yet has no significant sustainable advantage, we can help. Our proprietary methodologies and programs can identify what you’ve been missing, so you can improve performance. We guarantee it.

Call us to discuss how Voyage Consulting Group can help you make a difference in your company’s performance.

Culture and Engagement

Employee engagement runs deeper than pats on the back, gift cards, and Employee-of-the-Month awards. It’s not about making employees report happiness on a survey. We understand the interdependence of culture and engagement. Their undeniable effect on organization performance requires innovative solutions for relevant change. 

If improving bottom-line results is more important than simply improving survey results, allow us to help you.

Culture Audit: See below the surface using our proprietary assessment of your corporate culture. The insight can steer you in the right direction for human capital initiatives that will impact performance and results.

Employee Engagement: Establish a sustainable practice or identify gaps in a current one. From survey execution and analysis to internal communications, Voyage Consulting Group can enable you to improve staff engagement at all levels so staff commitment is possible.

Social Systems Audit: Evaluate your internal social systems to learn whether they meet current business needs.  If they are based on needs from long ago, they may not be working effectively any longer. Operating in the dark or the dark ages could be sabotaging results. 

Organization Development

The complex dynamics of operating a company, division, or team in the 21st century require perpetual adaption to market shifts, customer need changes, technological advances, and staff growth. Our OD services prepare your organization for shifts so achievement of your company’s goals is possible.

Talent Management: Plan your talent management strategies around your growth goals. If you need a significant review and/or changes to your organization competencies, structure, performance management process, succession planning, or governance, our experienced executives can help.

Leadership Development: Bring consistency and congruence to current leadership practices so behaviors match your mission and values, decisions are expeditious, and accountability is feasible. Assess your current LD practices or let us create a program that supports your experienced leaders and builds a solid pipeline. 

Professional Development: Ensure that all staff work together and serve clients in accordance with your mission and values by providing professional development aligned with chosen competencies. Select and prioritize programs from a menu of management, teamwork, and communication skills programs.

Organization Effectiveness

Changes and reinventions are daunting, and the risk of failure is high. Research reveals more than 80% of executives see the need for transformation, but only a third are confident they can get the job done within five years. Voyage Consulting Group can help you navigate change before the ground shifts under you and it’s too late.

Change Management: If you are planning a merger, managing post-merger integration, or leading ambitious initiatives, our practice could help reduce disruption and build momentum. Together we can reduce the agony (and expense!) of changes.

Corporate Resilience: Companies of all sizes can build a tolerance for ups and downs of a turbulent business environment. Our Resilience Framework includes the Operational and Strategic components to help you and your company stay on course and prosper regardless of surprises. (A 17-page Guide to Operational Resilience is available for you on the Resources page.)

Operational Systems: Our process includes an audit to evaluate whether your current operational mechanisms are as valuable and relevant as when they began. Collaborate with us to identify systems improvements that will impact performance and execute them with support of your team.

Growth and comfort do not coexist.”

Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman, President and CEO, IBM