The rapid pace of multiple changes happening in business simultaneously means leading at the organization level requires different behaviors now than in the past. All sectors are impacted by changes regarding stakeholders, technology, and profit models. The constant uncertainty strains relationships, burdens operating systems, and stifles performance of even the best companies and leaders.

Outdated leadership behaviors lead to business failures. Companies reluctant to adapt to contemporary business requirements will not be able to keep up with those willing to serve and function differently. The Fortune 500 roster from the year 2000 proves how essential new leadership practices are for sustainability: More than half of the companies on it no longer exist.

The new 5 A Model of Leadership enables leaders to build and grow sustainable organizations during the complex business environment of the 21st century.

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We share the new 5 A Model of Leadership so organization leaders can resolve challenges, grow their companies, and build sustainable organizations.

Delivery Options Include: 
●Coaching (Individual or Partner)
●Company-wide Cohort Development Programs
●Small Group Development Programs
●Peer Learning
●Planning and Building Learning Organizations

The Voyage Consulting Group style can be described as based on research and real experience, light on lecture, heavy on interaction, delivered via a proactive learning experience.

All custom solutions include blended solutions which incorporate adult learning methods. All are customized around client development needs, and all are guaranteed to deliver as promised.