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We help ambitious companies strive for, achieve, and sustain market leadership through a precise formula of purpose, people, and profit.


We help companies and leaders navigate organization leadership and development so they grow in pursuit of their objectives and Mission.


We believe in the inherent goodness of people, and we operate our business, work with each other, and serve our clients accordingly.

Service Philosophy

We employ a simple Service Philosophy: minimal red tape and maximum integrity. We complete engagements with minimal disruption to our clients’ operations. We don’t manufacture issues to manipulate longer retention than necessary. We communicate honestly, not bluntly, so we ensure both companies are honored as we work together.

You can count on us for...

  • Expertise. You focus on running the company and rely on us to bring the HR, OD, OE solutions to you.
  • Objectivity. You can have a more thorough view of your company. We will tell you the truth without bias or selfishness.
  • Originality. You gain a fresh perspective uninfluenced by nostalgic strategies or internal politics.
  • Time. Use our hands, hearts, and brains so you can keep your hands on the wheel.
  • Insight. Our diagnostic tool helps when people involved are too close to recognize issues or face a painful truth.
  • Support. We can confirm your hypothesis (or not) and support your influence so execution goes smoothly.
  • Access. You can have access to a variety of talented experts any time you need them. 


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